This is the easiest and simplest rule of them all. A smile has been scientifically proven to brighten up a room and reassure people that you are in fact human and not an emotionless worker drone. Not only is it contagious but people tend to lower their insecurities and trust barriers when you smile. And if you don’t feel too confident about your teeth for whatever reason, just remember that a smile often includes your eyes and the surrounding facial features. Try it the next time you’re in a business meeting, or amongst mates, or just with colleagues at the water cooler – it’ll do wonders.

Getting a good night’s rest is your body’s way of revitalizing many crucial things including your noticeable extremities such as skin, face and eyes. It might be hard to believe but even George Clooney looks bad with tired skin and bags under his eyes. You might have had a great time at your local watering hole after work last night, but poor sleep, coupled with excess alcohol will tell a very different story. I’m all for a good face wash but other face products like night cream and balms seem a bit of a hack to me, so just be sure to settle that sleep debt sooner rather than later.

Grow a beard (at least once in your lifetime)
My beard is one of my favourite things. Not everyone agrees though, and the ladies definitely seem to be split on whether I actually look cool, manly, quirky or just plain ol’ ugly. One thing is for certain though, I grow my beard for me, not for anyone else – that is absolute key.
One of the main reasons guys don’t seem to follow through when growing a beard is the negative feedback they receive from friends, family and colleagues. It boggles my mind that people seem to feel so at ease to tell you exactly what they think of your beard, whether good, bad or indifferent. Stuff what the naysayers spew and give it a proper go! I feel uber confident with my beard and I genuinely love stroking it like I’m planning to take over the world.

Shave (if you must)
If you skipped the above point, then make sure you use quality shaving gear and creams. It will always show. Treat your skin like the paint job on your car – take care of it and keep those shaves close with a sharp, quality blade. Don’t rush your shaves and don’t use old or cheap blades like that pack-of-50 disposable razors – that’s like washing your car with dirty water and a scouring brush.

Sort that mop of hair out
Make this a regular outing, each and every month. In fact, put it in your calendar or diary. A trim always get noticed and combined with a good smile keeps you looking like a new man.
No need for this to be expensive either. Form a relationship with your local men’s barber and a monthly haircut should cost between R100 to R180. You’ll be surprised by what great networking your local barber can be too, so don’t be shy to get to know him or her and ask if you can leave a business card or three. If you’re unsure what style of cut you should go for, don’t be embarrassed to ask your barber what he or she thinks would suit you – they do this for a living. More times than most, I guarantee you they have an opinion about how you should style your hair or how wrong/right it may look.
And for our balding brothers out there – keep whatever little hair you do have very short. Like, number 1 or 2 short. It’s pretty simple: the longer your hair gets, the more emphasis it puts on the bald patch. If you don’t believe me or you’re needing some inspiration, check out actor, Jason Statham. He always keeps his hair properly short and pulls off a pretty mean badass look, too.