If you needed another reason to form a relationship with your local barbershop then consider how adapt most barbers are at the art of conversation. It seems we are the most ‘rushed’ generation, where everything needs to happen in 60 seconds or less – from on-the-go business meetings to instant gratification on social media and even friendships, we often miss out on the opportunity to really connect with others. Yet somehow, barbers seem to possess the ability to pry open even the toughest of businessmen with prudent questions and most importantly, a trusted listening ear.

I frequent Ant & Rob from The Rocks Barber Shop (website still to come) to sort out both my hair and beard, and it always amazes me the kinds of stories they’re able to recount from both local and out-of-town clients. Of course, confidentiality is as sacred as a relationship with a lawyer and you will never hear the guys share any names from the stories they’ve been told. The stories range from wild and obscenely funny, to the intense and heart wrenching testimony. Like the guy who recounted his story of losing his wife and child in a car accident, now left facing an uncertain future with a gaping hole in his heart. Barbers hear it all and tend to possess the type of compassion (or sense of humour) a man deserves.

Mr Smith

Thanks to The Rocks Barber Shop for always keeping me well groomed!

Because of the above, I’m going to start a monthly feature where Ant or Rob share some stories over a coffee, ‘cos I know the majority of my readers will either relate to the actual stories or simply enjoy what’s shared. Hopefully, you will find that visiting your local barber is more than just a haircut – it’s a great place to connect, share stories and clock a bit of timeout from this fast-paced life.