I recently started Vlogging and for those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s simply video blogging. Exactly like writing for your blog, you can vlog about absolutely anything that floats your boat. Initially I wondered what the hell I was actually going to film, edit and put together that could possibly entertain people and something that god forbid, would not look lame. That was definitely my first mistake.

Creating a vlog needs to be first and foremost, something that appeals to you. I’m certainly no vlogging expert like Casey Neistat but having watched dozens of hours of his YouTube clips, he (seemingly) effortlessly captures his daily life in New York City, and opens a window to viewers like me on all the idiosyncrasies that contribute to his daily 24 hour routine. It’s not only appealing and entertaining in a weird quirky way, but it’s actually quite inspiring, too.

How is it inspiring you may ask? Well, for one thing, I realised that there are a ton of moments that happen in my own daily life that are most certainly memory-worthy, yet I just don’t capture them on video. Or if I have captured it on video on my iPhone, I haven’t uploaded it anywhere and invariably, it becomes lost in the Gigs of data I regularly delete to try and free up some memory on my phone.
Now that I’ve started vlogging (initially just once a week), I always seem to have my phone or camera within reach and have quickly realised that the opportunity to upload regular (more than once a week) vlogs is fast approaching.

Which leads me to the crux of this post and why I am enjoying vlogging so much – not only capturing memories, but actually making them, too. You see, when you’ve committed to something like vlogging, you need to constantly find a story or an angle to capture – you can’t just sit on your butt all day hoping something cool will happen. Sometimes it requires a bit of creativity and if you’re lucky, something memorable might come of it.

Consider my latest vlog where I took my family to the beach and finally decided that this would be the weekend that I teach my 5-year old son, Kai how to surf. It didn’t matter if he never got to stand or if I only pushed him on one wave – what mattered was going to the beach as a family and being apart of my son’s first learn-to-surf experience. And it was spectacular!

Kai stood up in no time at all, and the jubilation we shared together in that very moment was beyond overwhelming. He hugged me so tight that his excitement was like thunder for all the world to hear. It was a glorious day on the beach and naturally, the shoreline was packed with sunbathers – all of which were spectators unknowingly sharing in this one-of-a-kind special moment between father and son. Talking to a friend later about it, I rated that moment as one of my all-time favourite memories, right up there with my wedding day and watching both of my boys being born.

And that’s when it hit me. Had I not captured the moment with my GoPro on my surfboard, and then created a whole vlog about that beach day, that memory would’ve been confined to the inner walls of my memory – shared or spoken of only when either myself or an appropriate situation warranted it. Instead, it is now on YouTube, Facebook and my own website – a tangible memory that both my sons will have as much access to as they like, a living scrapbook of life changing moments that we can always lose ourselves in whenever we want.

So if you’ve been thinking about filming the things around you, I can only encourage you to start doing it and making your own memories. Who cares about what other people think or might say – do it for yourself and because it makes you happy.

Oh, and check out my vlog below to see what I’m talking about!