It’s been just over four weeks since my local boxing gym, Ringside Boxing kicked off one of their famous 12-week Shed That Spread challenges. And, if I am completely and brutally honest, I am hacking it so bad…

  • The Excuses
    I’m married, have two ridiculously busy little boys, and a career that although is quite flexible in work times, often sees me caught up in evening appointments with clients that make the day feel longer than normal.
  • The Truth
    I have realised I am addicted to sugar – a.k.a. chocolate. The withdrawals are worse than watching the South African cricket team in any knockout stage of a major tournament, and succumbing to a craving makes me feel even more sorry for myself. I am my own worst enemy.
  • The Solution 
    I have to kick my own ass on a daily basis. I try and work extra hard in the boxing classes to get rid of the guilt fat, and despite still losing a few kilograms and centimeters in the first four weeks, I still have a mammoth journey ahead of me.

Despite the above bitching and complaining, I absolutely love the boxing workouts and the sensational endorphin rush I experience after every sapping session. Ringside Boxing gym is like a family and no one judges another member – they’re all there with the same intention – hit the bag as hard as you can, and make sure your shirt is wet from the sweat by the time you leave.

The other members that are ‘competing’ in the Shed That Spread challenge are all fighting their own demons and it’s encouraging to see each person grinding it out, day after day, week after week. Even though there are some great prizes up for grabs, including R20 000 prize-money, we’ve all quickly realised that we’re all actually doing this challenge for ourselves first, and not the prizes.

I’m not going to post any photos of myself until the end of the challenge (because I resemble a fat Easter Bunny) but if you want to see some of the ridiculous results the gym & members have achieved, click here.

I look forward to posting another update soon and hopefully I will have conquered my chocolate crutch and moving it up a gear or two…