As a financial planner, my job allows me to meet clients in a variety of different locations. From restaurants and bars, to churches and coffee shops – I get to sample most of the local meeting places in and around KZN. Along with a vast selection of meeting places comes a plethora of coffee options, allowing me to become a fairly seasoned coffee connoisseur in a relatively short amount of time.

Which leads me to one of my favourite places in Umhlanga Rocks – Home Bru Graft Cafe. Admittedly, Home Bru is owned and operated by a good friend of mine and his wife however, it was a uniquely designed facade that originally caught my attention, leading me to invest more time in the heart of Umhlanga Rocks. Paolo Falconer, along with his dad and brother of Falconer Design, tackled the idea of putting together a local setup that not only captures the heart & spirit of Umhlanga’s surfer paradise, but a venue that was multi-faceted in its offering.

The result is a genuinely one-of-a-kind coffee shop that offers a great selection of coffees and a food menu with a noticeable Italian influence thanks to the Falconer heritage, whilst new & classic surf flicks play on HD TV’s in the background. Then there’s also the work space available to rent by individuals or businesses, either by the hour or for several days if need be. Custom designed work stations, private work pods enclosed for extra privacy, or a high-tech boardroom are on offer – all with access to (truly) free high speed internet, printing services and of course, efficient catering at your beck and call. Home Bru is also proudly ‘Eskom-free’ in that they have their own back-up power supplies ensuring that you and your business will never be disrupted due to the formidable L-word.

Home Bru has gone out of their way to ensure a top notch experience for their diverse customers, whether it be a social meeting for a cup of coffee, a client meeting, or a week’s worth of business in Durban with access to premium facilities – the Graft Cafe has it all and they do it excellently. And of course, ‘Bru’ and ‘Beer’ almost always go hand-in-hand which is why the crew offer a terrific selection of Craft Beer at Durban prices – meaning you and your mates can meet after work at a lekker venue, sampling some of the tastiest beer available without spending too much more than the usual chemical-filled stuff you buy in six-packs.

Make sure you check out Home Bru Graft Cafe’s website and social media portals for some awesome daily & weekly specials, like R10 coffees before 07h30 every morning, or R20 Craft Draughts between 17hoo – 18h30 Monday to Friday.