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I love finding unique places. Whether it’s a restaurant, a barber shop, coffee shop or car dealership – if there’s a story behind the joint, I want to know about it!

My latest find takes me to the heart of Durban North where owners, Steve Christodolou and Jacques van der Merwe invited me for an afternoon of traditional ‘Smash Burgers’, craft beer and terrific company. As the name implies, the burger patties are literally ‘smashed’ on to the piping hot grill and are ready to be served in about 2 to 3 minutes – provided that you like your pure beef burger to be medium rare (the way all beef should be served!).

However, without getting too stuck into the burger-making process, the simple truth is, burgers served at Union Square are truly sublime. It’s a simple concept but so often fails to deliver when so-called burger joints lack passion and enthusiasm to deliver each burger as if their business depended on it. Steve and Jacques though, seem to eat, sleep and breathe burgers and it shows when each meal is served.

So Union Square is just a fancy burger bar, you may ask? Definitely not! Their menu has just enough variety to please most people – even the carb conscious banting nuts out there. And then there’s the selection of craft beers and local beers to keep everyone happy, whilst the general atmosphere & vibe is one that promotes plenty of good socializing.

Lastly, the costs of a classy joint like Union Square can often mean that they eliminate the more budget-conscious visitor but everyone from students to families will be stoked at just how affordable a visit will be. Students can score great burger deals during the afternoon and especially on Tuedays when for less than 50 bucks, you can grab a burger, chips and a local beer. The only thing that’s left is for someone to make me a student card…

My TOP 3 picks:

1. Ribs
2. New Yorker
3. Craft Beer on tap

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