4 Cheap & Simple Fashion Cheats for Winter

It’s officially Autumn and as Winter draws nearer, wardrobes will morph into trendy winter gear such as denim for casual wear, or scarves and overcoats for the more formal approach. But I soon realised the other day that this was not the case, when I saw that most of my colleagues just simply recycled the warmer clothing (read, hoodies & jerseys) they probably bought in 2012. I’m not trying to make fun of them, but I think a lot of men just simply couldn’t be bothered with having two separate fashion approaches to address contrastingly different seasons like winter & summer.
Which got me thinking – perhaps subtle changes to an outfit is more achievable to the average bloke rather than a complete makeover. If you or your man are looking to revive an overused or old look, try the below four things to add a small, yet noticeable tweak that will get people noticing you for the right reasons.

Tie or Bow Tie

Colder months typically make it easier for guys to wear ties as it feels less restricting than when it’s 30 degrees outside and you want to rip that top button off your dress shirt. But, if you don’t normally wear a tie for work, try adding a neutral or winter-tone coloured tie (burgundy, not red, is a great colour) for a great ‘upgrade’ that won’t be too in-your-face, but enough to spruce up the usually boring black pants and white button-up combo.
Grab a great (burgundy) tie from local menswear brand, HIS Apparel for just R249click here.


Best-Scarves-for-MenBy far my favourite and most versatile addition to my wardrobe. I love scarves because you can wear them both casually and formally, and there are a dozen different ways to wear a scarf depending on your outfit. Wear it with a denim jacket and pants, or add a grey scarf to your navy blue suit for a killer combination that will make you more of a boss than Bruce Springsteen. You can buy a boring safe scarf from Woolies or Edgars, but if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try Cape Town designer, Nic Harry. Click here for more of his range, including a ton of other fashion accessories.

Cuff Links

MB CufflinksIf there’s one item of clothing I have that gets noticed more than anything else, it’s my range of different cuff links. They’re old school cool like James Dean or a vintage E-Type Jaguar, and they ooze style. All you need is a quality, well ironed or pressed dress shirt with a crisp collar and cuffs and those little cuff links will pop more than Moet bottle of champagne. You can purchase a set of ultra-cool, vintage Mercedes-Benz gear knob cuff links (pictured here) from a Merc dealership with a gift shop, for about R600. Or you can shop online at Takealot.com and get some pretty cool/funky cuff links for about half the price.

Pocket Squares

pocket-squaresOne of my favourite and probably most underutilized pieces of fashion is the tiny piece of material used to liven up a jacket or blazer. This little piece of material or silk appears out the breast pocket of a suit jacket or coat. You can wear it a number of different ways and you can spice things up depending on how brave you feel. Match it with your tie, or use different patterns to add a bit of edginess to an otherwise plain looking jacket/pants combination.
Check out Nic Harry’s wide selection of funky and conservative pocket squares for R250.

*BONUS* The Tie Bar

Classic-Navy-Knit-Tie-and-Red-Tie-BarIf you’re looking for something old school cool with a vintage flair, get yourself a stylish tie bar. Typically you wear a tie bar between the third and fourth buttons of your dress shirt (i.e. not too high and not too low). The tie bar not only clips the front end of your tie to the back end, but also fastens both ends to the placket of your shirt – keeping you looking sharp no matter what.
I’m not purposefully trying to punt one guy over the next, but check out Nic Harry’s online store for some basic, yet effective tie bars for R140. There are other places if you’re looking for something a bit funky – a quick Google search will either give you a local shop or an online store.