My legend dad used to tell me, “If you’re looking for sympathy, you’ll find it between ‘shit’ and ‘syphilis’ in the dictionary.” It’s crude, I know, and guaranteed to not be everybody’s cup of tea but regardless, he was right. Sympathy, in our household, was reserved for genuine, deserving situations. If you got hurt falling off your skateboard, or it was unfair when your first girlfriend left you for someone else, well then, tough titties son, life is going to get much harder.

There are so many guys walking around today with a ‘woe-as-me’ attitude – an exclamation of sorrow and misfortune – and these attitudes have simply been entertained rather than squashed. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m all for men being in touch with their feelings and emotions, but surely it’s time we also listened to our grandparents and didn’t, “cry in front of our horses” like real cowboys. Instead, we seem to be men who are little boys beneath the surface, each with a sore lack of identity.

“My dad would have given me such a PK if he was still around and I would have deserved it.”

I don’t want to sound scathing nor do I want to sound as if I am the perfect Camel Trophy man – I know I’m not. Just the other day I caught myself feeling upset because my wife hadn’t noticed my haircut. What. A. Dick. My dad would have given me such a PK if he was still around and I would have deserved it.

What I am saying however, is that if you’re not ‘honest’ enough to pull your own whiney self in line, then we need mates that will tell us straight when we need to pull our socks up. The military might have its own list of shortfalls but ask any man who has done his time and he will tell you that feeling sorry for yourself will get you or a platoon member either hurt or killed. It’s not falling off the horse that’s the issue, but it’s choosing not to get back up, that’s faulty.

In short, stop moaning. Stop moaning about not having enough money, not finding the right woman, or hating your job. Instead, do something about it. Work harder, meet intelligent women, quit your crappy job and do something you love. Women need more warriors in their lives, friends need honest mates to keep them in check and sons need strong dads to lead them into manhood. Like one of my best friends always tells me, “Smooth seas never made a skilled sailor.”

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