Union Square


I love finding unique places. Whether it's a restaurant, a barber shop, coffee shop or car dealership - if there's a story behind the joint, I want to know abou...

Hot Spots – Home Bru Graft Cafe

As a financial planner, my job allows me to meet clients in a variety of different locations. From restaurants and bars, to churches and coffee shops - I get to...
one couple man woman exercising workout aerobic fitness posture full length silouhette on studio isolated on white background

Fitness Challenge

One of my best friends owns and runs a popular boxing gym in Ballito, KZN and recently called me with a proposition. Whenever Tyron calls me, it either involves...

Yum Yum Yum!

For those who have children, these timeless words of the cookie monster from Sesame Street, will no doubt be words delightfully and frequently heard in the corr...
Fitness pic - 3

6 Simple Ways to Start Living Healthy

  Drink right This is probably the easiest and fastest way to start your journey to healthier living. Energy drinks, sodas, and even fruit juices are...