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One of my favourite things to witness is a friend accomplishing a dream. Small or big, the look of excitement splashed across a beaming smile is comparable to t...
Fashion pic - 2

New Season New Look

4 Cheap & Simple Fashion Cheats for Winter It's officially Autumn and as Winter draws nearer, wardrobes will morph into trendy winter gear such as denim fo...

Trend setter – HIS Apparel

I find writing about fashion for men, probably among the hardest topics simply because guys are all so different, and a fashion opinion is about as diverse as a...
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Barbershop Conversations

If you needed another reason to form a relationship with your local barbershop then consider how adapt most barbers are at the art of conversation. It seems we ...
Fox Lifestyle - Kyle-8

#GettingStarted: Motorbikes 101

My friends over at Fox SA have always helped out whenever it comes to my motocross or adventure riding and as such, I decided to do some window shopping to help...
Samsung Note5

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Let me start by saying that I have been using Apple's range of iPhones for 6 years now. I started with the 3GS and have slowly worked my way through the range u...
008_Ted Baker_Al Nicoll

Ted Baker comes to SA

If you've never heard of Ted Baker before, click here before reading on. A clothing brand that has garnered a reputation for being, 'No ordinary designer label'...