Dubai City Skyline

3 Things You Need To Know About Dubai

I recently embarked on a new chapter with my family. Long story short, we had an opportunity to try a new country and because we're all about adventure, why wou...
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New Season New Look

4 Cheap & Simple Fashion Cheats for Winter It's officially Autumn and as Winter draws nearer, wardrobes will morph into trendy winter gear such as denim fo...

Hot Spots – Home Bru Graft Cafe

As a financial planner, my job allows me to meet clients in a variety of different locations. From restaurants and bars, to churches and coffee shops - I get to...

Trend setter – HIS Apparel

I find writing about fashion for men, probably among the hardest topics simply because guys are all so different, and a fashion opinion is about as diverse as a...
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~ 10 Tips to look sharp ~ PART I

Eyebrows Unibrows have never been cool and neither have big bushy caterpillars above each eye. Learn to use a pair of tweezers or sneak into a beauty salon and...
Fox Lifestyle - Kyle-8

#GettingStarted: Motorbikes 101

My friends over at Fox SA have always helped out whenever it comes to my motocross or adventure riding and as such, I decided to do some window shopping to help...

Why every guy should know CPR

BBack in November this year, a man was nearing the finish line of a local 5km park run on a typical hot and humid KZN summer morning. The air was thick with hum...

Socks to Style Up 2016

If you're looking for a super quick or easy wardrobe fix, or you simply want to make a subtle change to your look, consider getting some new socks. Not those pl...
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Relationships & The Points System

What I am about to share with you, my fellow man, will impact your relationship with your wife or girlfriend like no other advice will. It has taken me six year...

Yum Yum Yum!

For those who have children, these timeless words of the cookie monster from Sesame Street, will no doubt be words delightfully and frequently heard in the corr...