I find writing about fashion for men, probably among the hardest topics simply because guys are all so different, and a fashion opinion is about as diverse as a box of Smarties. Tall or short, stocky or thin, balding or bushy mop of hair – there is most certainly not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to men’s fashion. Which is why I tend to err on the side of a classic look & feel when it comes to arranging my wardrobe, simply because I know a classy button up will still look good long after that chain-attached-to-a-wallet look is out of style.

In the last year, I have favoured brands like Zara, Aldo Shoes, and even Truworths Man but a local brand caught my attention a few months ago and I am completely addicted. HIS Apparel was started by a Durban family who are proud to state that their garments are locally produced and fused with a passion for great-looking items that certainly have a timeless look about them.


Classy bit of packaging

Recently, I got my hands on some new items off the slick online store (check it out here) – and as online shopping goes, the crew at HIS Apparel have gone out of their way to ensure a seamless experience. The sizing charts are extensive and should drastically reduce the chance of you ordering an incorrectly sized item, and one of my favourite features – The Lookbook – allows you to see which items match best and a subtle indication on colour coordination. I was also hugely impressed by not only the speedy delivery, but very suave packaging … cue the James Bond soundtrack.

Michigan Print White shirt & Classic Navy Bow Tie

Michigan Print White shirt & Classic Navy Bow Tie

But of course all of the above is meaningless if the items don’t look good or are uncomfortable to wear. In this case, I am pleased to let you know that the classic style of HIS Apparel didn’t go unnoticed in my workplace and the flurry of comments from both my male & female work colleagues was encouraging. I generally don’t really care what people think of my dress sense as I typically feel good in my selection of clothes. However, it was particularly worthwhile to note just how many people recognized key things such as fit, subtle patterns/designs, and attention to detail such as the wood finish buttons on my Long Sleeve Shirt.


My top 3 picks for shirts (most versatile item of clothing for men!) are as follows :

  1. Michigan Print White L/S Shirt ~ R449 
  2. York Print Navy L/S Shirt ~ R449
  3. Portland Print Burgundy S/S Shirt ~ R399

I will be reviewing a few more items over the next few weeks, but in the meantime, check out the website and be sure to follow HIS Apparel on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. You can also tell me what you think in the comments section below!

HIS Apparel
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