I rode my first motorbike when I was 14 years old and it was like jumping out of a plane, or kissing a girl for the first time, or Christmas on steroids. There are a thousand different emotions or feelings to describe riding a motorcycle but the most common description I hear from men is the sense of ‘freedom’ a two-wheeled machine can give you.

It was many years later by the time I finally bought my very own motorcycle – a Kawasaki KX125 motocross bike. It was a two-stroke crotch rocket that required you to ride it on edge and hit the powerband to get that rush of white-knuckled speed. Each time I climbed on and kicked the bike to start, it felt as if I was writing my own death wish in the blue smoke that puffed from the chromed FMF exhaust pipe. It was sheer delight and a direct injection of ecstasy.

“It was sheer delight and a direct injection of ecstasy.”

I’ve since bought and sold four off-road bikes and my latest bike is a heart-stopping Kawasaki KX250F. My days of riding a bike on a motocross track have become few as I now go on adventure rides with mates through the rolling hills of KZN. This has become my ‘freedom’ – adventuring on a machine with mates who all share the same joy & thrill of a shared expedition.

Isn’t that what most men are lacking these days, adventure? I’m convinced we were born to blaze new trails, discover new locations and discover the type of freedom that makes us better men. For some, it might be surfing or camping or trail-running. My freedom is my motorbike, and now that my 5-year old son is riding a PW-50 bike, the ecstasy I feel is reaching new highs as I envision us riding together in the not too distant future.

What’s does your adventure look like, or are you stuck in the mundane 9-5 rat race of chasing that next pay cheque?

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